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DBT - Danang Barista Training



  • Duration: 24 hours, 4 hours/day

  • Class length: The course starts at 7:30 a.m and finishes at 12.00p.m with a short lunch break

  • Cost: 4,000,000 VND (included the handbooks of the course)

  • Class size: Max 10 students

We do offer one on one classes at 15,000,000VND each. Please contact us to arrange.

Course overview

  • This course is designed for people with no previous barista experience.

  • This course includes bean to cup knowledge, practical barista training and coffee menu training. It covers free pouring some basic latte art patterns such as heart and rosetta.

  • You will have access to unlimited coffee beans and milk to practice with. 

  • All equipment is provided.

  • Certification exam will be conducted in the BASIC BARISTA & LATTE ART COURSE


  •  What is coffee, history and knowledge of the different species : Arabica, robusta and other hybrids.

  • The coffee process: picking, stripping, washed and dry method.

  • Introduction to roasting and blending

  • Tasting of a good and a bad espresso. Tasting different Arabicas and Robustas, finding differences.

  • The preparation of Espresso, dosing, grinding and tamping.

  • Texturing silky milk – microfoam

  • Preparing milk for coffee art

  • Pouring fundamentals – speed, distance and position

  • Milk pouring techniques for latte art

  • Free pour design – rosetta

  • Free pour design – heart

  • The classic Italian preparations: Latte Macchiato, Espresso Macchiato , Shaked Coffee etc.

  • An introduction to the world of Brewing: V60, Aeropress and other methods.

  • Machine cleaning and maintenance

 This course is designed for you if

  • You have no experience making coffee

  • You’re looking to enter the hospitality industry

  • If you make coffee at home and would like to learn the basics of coffee skills

  • You’ve made coffee before but would like to learn proper techniques

  • You are currently working as a barista and want to improve

  • You’d like to learn how to free pour latte art

Book now

Registration can only be confirmed when full payment is received. No refunds are available within 7 days of the workshop. A substitute participant is welcome to attend if you cannot.